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Who we are

Mountrail County Medical Center (MCMC) is proud to be a part of Stanley’s integrated health care system. Located on the campus along with the hospital is a clinic, nursing home, independent living apartments, and an aquatic center.


Mountrail County Medical Center will provide quality health care services to Mountrail County and the surrounding area including; Primary medical care, emergency care, swing bed and clinic services.


On October 23, 1944, a public meeting was held to discuss the need for a community hospital. After a favorable response, a goal of raising $75,000 was set and would have to be collected before further action could be taken.

On April 17, 1946 a meeting was held and determined that the $75,000 in pledges and cash had been reached. Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were adopted. The first trustees were:

M. M. Kincannon – Farmer
Henry T. Sand - Farmer
W. A. Walters – Ford Dealership
Steve Severson - Farmer
Peter Peterson - Farmer
A. H. Nelson – Banker
Earl Reynolds, Jr.- Farmer
Clabor Hovda - Farmer
D. A. LeMieux – I.H. Implement Dealership
Charles Cvancara - Farmer
Alvin Larson – Texaco Bulk Plant
Albert Holm - Farmer
Ollie Hermanson - Farmer
George E. Lee - Farmer
W.G. Matson – Telephone Company

W. A. Walters was named the first president of the organization.

On September 5, 1946 the Board of Trustees purchased Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Block 1 in Everson’s 1st Addition to the City of Stanley for $4,000 from Max Bartel. Ira Rush was retained as architect in November 1946 and plans were to be drawn for a 30-bed hospital.

On June 25, 1947 the first annual meeting of the members of the Stanley Community Hospital Association was held. Through the remainder of that year, continued efforts were made to assess the needs of the hospital. A study of preliminary plans indicated that more money would be needed for construction, and a decision was made on December 3, 1947 to withhold construction until more money could be raised.

On April 8, 1949 a special meeting was held and a resolution was passed favoring a reduced 20-bed hospital. At the annual meeting held June 29, 1949, it was voted to proceed with building of the hospital.

On August 4, 1949 a vote was taken and approved, to begin construction of the basement. On March 3, 1950 an application was made for Federal funds. Bids were awarded on October 4, 1950 as follows:

  • Lorvig & Tromsness, Parshall – General Contractors
  • Andrew Jensen, Stanley – Electrical
  • Dakota Plumbing and Heating, Minot – Heating, plumbing, ventilation

On June 12, 1952, the dedication of the hospital was held coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the City of Stanley, forever memorialized by the dedication plaque and photo on display inside the reception area. On Monday, August 25, 1952 the hospital opened for business. In 1958 an addition was built on the south end of the hospital and in 1959 the Medical Clinic Building was completed.

In 1969, a gift of $100,000 from Mr. A. H. Nelson was received in memory of Mr. Nelson’s wife Edna. The Edna Nelson addition provided Intensive Care facilities and additional rooms to the existing hospital. This addition was completed in the Winter of 1971.

A second local fund drive was completed in 1974 to remodel the surgical wing and a third local drive in 1991 was done to raise funds for operating expenses.

In 1996, the Stanley Community Hospital started to explore options to combine the Mountrail Bethel Home and the Hospital under one roof. Their efforts resulted in the formation of the Mountrail County Medical Center (MCMC) and its governance structure where the Mountrail Bethel Home, Inc. and Trinity Medical Center shall be the sole members of this corporation. On November 1, 1997 MCMC was formed and purchased the assets of the Stanley Community Hospital. Plans were made to build a new 11 bed hospital, emergency room and clinic adjacent to the Bethel Home.

In June of 2002, 50 years after the original Stanley Community Hospital opened for business, the newly formed Mountrail County Medical Center opened thanks to loans secured through USDA and Scandia American Bank and a 1999 “When Seconds Count and Quality Matters” Capital Campaign that raised 2.8 million dollars, largely due to the wonderful donations made by Ray Rude. Mr. Rude was also a driving force and monetary donor towards the implementation of the Avera “eEmergency” Program.

Stanley Community Hospital Board (SCH) remains in existence as the member of the Mountrail County Health Foundation and the directing body of the T.H. Reiarson Trust. Trust funds from the estate of Thorsten Reiarson were first used in 1979 to purchase various equipment for the Stanley Community Hospital and structural improvements on the building. In 2014, this trust fund enabled the new T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic to be built after the SCH board pledged $2.195 million dollars towards the project. The new clinic opened for patients in the spring of 2015. In addition, the Mountrail County Health Foundation’s Capital Campaign “Partnering for the Future” raised 1.6 million for the addition of the Ann Nicole Nelson ER expansion. This expansion included an enclosed Ambulance Bay, decontamination, trauma and CT scanner rooms. This addition was completed in the spring of 2014.

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