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Mountrail Bethel Home Board Approves Change in Phase Three Vision

Stanley, ND- The highly anticipated third phase of the three phases being built at the Mountrail County Health Center, the Bethel Home expansion, has been briefly put on hold while the recently hired CEO/Administrator reworks his new vision. This vision was presented and recommended by the Administrator to the MBH Board at a recent special meeting and adopted by the Board.

“I know we were to break ground in a few weeks,” says Rocky Zastoupil, MBH’s Administrator. “But with the bid coming in at a little under 4 million dollars to do just the Chapel and the Kitchen along with the recent 4 percent Medicaid budget cuts from the ND Governor, we needed to step back for a moment and make sure we are doing this properly and getting the most ‘bang for our buck’.”

The new vision will be to focus on the chapel along with updated resident rooms. “With the changing times and the desire for private rooms with a private bath, we need to be proactive on giving residents what they want,” states Zastoupil.

The administration at MBH will start working with architects within the next few weeks to start laying out this new plan. Zastoupil pictures this to be a two phase project. Phase one would be the chapel along with a 24 room pod of resident rooms. This pod would feature two 12 room “neighborhoods”, with a dining room in the middle. These would be built where the current employee parking lot is. The parking lot would be moved across the street to the south on property currently owned by MBH. The second phase would be the construction of another 24 room pod.

“Until we start working with an architect, we won’t know exactly where the second pod will be going,” says Zastoupil. “I just feel that with the times it will be more efficient to become a 48 bed Nursing Home, consisting of two 24 room pods. This enables desirable staffing ratios in each neighborhood. For example: a one-to-twelve professional nurse to resident’s ratio along with a one-to-six ratio of CNA’s to residents. With a dining unit on each pod, the experience will feel more like home.”

The Mountrail County Health Foundation (MCHF) Board started their “Partnering for the Future” Capital Campaign in October 2013 to help with the costs of the three projects on the Mountrail County Health Center’s campus. With the help of generous local residents, business owners, the Reiarson Trust and the energy companies, the Foundation has been able to raise 6 million dollars to date. With every dollar the Foundation raises, that is one less dollar that would need to be taken out as a loan for this final construction phase of Mountrail County Health Center.

Questions regarding the construction phases and about making a donation are being directed to the Foundation Director, Steph Everett at 701-628-1405 or email her at

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