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Reiarson Trust Makes Contribution to Campaign

The T. H. Reiarson Trust has pledged $2.195 million to Mountrail County Medical Center’s “Partnering for the Future” Campaign.

The contribution will be acknowledged through the naming of the new facility. It will now be called “The Reiarson Clinic at Mountrail County Medical Center”.

Derald Hoover, who serves as President of the Stanley Community Hospital Board, said that the Trust has been closely following the progress of the Campaign and “felt that the time was right to give support to the effort”.

“I think we can be certain that when T.H. Reiarson made the decision to create the Trust, he certainly didn’t have any idea that it would ever have the resources to make a commitment at this level”, said Hoover, “but his foresight and generosity were the attributes that positioned the Trust to do so”.

With the receipt of this pledge, the “Partnering for the Future” Campaign has commitments totaling more than $4.2 million of the $6.25 million goal.

Mountrail County Health Foundation Board Member Doug Kinnoin has been active in volunteer work on behalf of the Campaign. “We have been in contact with a little less than 25% of the people we want to talk to about the campaign”, he says, “so we still have quite a lot of work to do before the end of the year”.

The Foundation is conducting the campaign to cover the costs associated with the expansion and renovation on the medical campus. Kinnoin says “very few people really enjoy going out and asking for contributions…and I don’t either…but this is important. We have great people here and they have been very supportive of their hospital. We have had several prospective donors who asked if the Reiarson Trust was going to make a contribution. The timing of the contribution is perfect”.

In recognition of the impact the Reiarson contribution will have on the Campaign, the Board of the Foundation has decided to immediately initiate fundraising activity on the remaining component of the program which is focused on expansion and improvements to the Bethel Home.

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